According Stat Counter, Google research market share fall to its lowest level since 2008 in US. Thus, in December 2014, it falls to 75.2%. Google is always largely leader on research in US but we can see the first effects of the new deal between Mozilla and Yahoo with Firefox that changed its default search engine from Google to Yahoo in November 2014.

In the same time, Yahoo saw its share increase from 8.6% in November 2014 to 10.4% in December 2014 like we can see in the following graphic :



Bing is always second in US research with 12.5% but Yahoo comes just behind and could take this second place in 2015. Indeed, big issue is expected in 2015 with Apple that could update its defaut research engine in Safari. Like Apple wants to reduce its dependency to Google, Yahoo is well placed to become the new default research engine in 2015.

However, editor of Search Engine Land Danny Sullivan told to Bloomberg that Google is unlikely to be panicking too much because this small reduction in US because Firefox market share in browser is not increasing with Chrome concurrency and so Google might claw back even the small share gone.