Android devices become more and more powerful. Now, Smartphones and Tablets are kind of real computers with pocket size. Besides, Android devices make always more operation in background which users ignore. So, how to monitor and to know accurately the capacities of your device ? What are its data and information ? 

To answer to these questions and know everything concerning your Smartphone or Tablet, you can now download CPU System Info 64 on the Google Play Store. CPU System Info 64 exist in free and paid version with no ads, so you have the complete choice :

You can discover CPU System Info 64 in action on YouTube :

CPU System Info 64 offers your these informations around 10 detailed screen :

– Chipset giving you all information on your CPU (Number of cores, Processor frequency, …) and your GPU (Renderer, Vender, Version, …)

– System giving you all information about your system like OS version, build ID, build fingerprint or still bootloader value

– Device giving your all information on your hardware like Android ID, board, manufacturer, serial number, brand, model or kernel

– Memory giving you details on free RAM and total RAM but also on your total storage and your free storage

– Wifi with the name of your Wifi network, the strength of the signal and your IP Address

– SIM with the all the details concerning your SIM Card like its status, the SIM Serial Number, the IMEI, the phone type and the carrier

– Battery giving you the level of your battery, its capacity, its health, the technology used, the temperature in degrees celsius and farenheit and if the device is plugged or no to a power source

– Screen with screen size, resolution, density, refresh rate, resolution, screen type and the luminosity

– Camera listing all you camera with for each of them max resolution and supported resolutions

– Sensors listing all your device’s sensors and displaying their values in real time

All dynamic data provided by CPU System Info 64 lets you to monitor accurately your smartphone or tablet easily. To know which permissions CPU System Info 64 uses and why, you can access to our privacy policy page :

So, don’t hesitate to give it a try. If you have feedback or ideas for new features, don’t hesitate to tell me in comments or send me an email :