The most important month of the year has just started today for all Muslims in the World with the beginning of the Ramadan 2017. With the technology and smartphones in particular, Muslims can now have a lot of tools in their hands to live their religion in a better way. In the following of this article, we offer you top 6 free tools that can help Muslims during the Ramadan 2017 and even after that :

1. Muslim Salat Times

Obviously, first tool is Muslim Salat Times a free application that gives you Muslim Salat Times for each city worldwide in a Material Design application. Muslim Salat Times is available here on Google Play Store :


2. Read and Listen 99 Most Beautiful Names of Allah

Ramadan’s month is also a good moment to read and listen 99 Most Beautiful Names of Allah. It’s possible with that great application on the Google Play Store :


3. Enjoy that Collection of Hadiths

Hadiths are also an important part of the Muslim’s religion. You can profit of your time during the Ramadan to read that great collection of Hadiths. Just get the free application here :


4. Find Masjids near You

Obviously you know the address of your usual Masjid. But if you must make some travels during Ramadan, it can be very helpful to have an application that lists all Masjids near you. My Masjid Finder is made for that need :


5. Discover Meaning of Muslim Names

The fifth is a free application to discover Meaning of Muslim Names. Always interesting and funny. Meaning of Muslim Names is freely available on Google Play Store here :


6. Qibla Compass

Qibla Compass helps all Muslims around the World to find the direction of Kaaba, situated in Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Qibla Compass is freely available on the Google Play Store :


7. Tasbeeh Counter

Islamic Tasbeeh Counter helps Muslims to make the Tasbeeh by offering their a counter for their smartphone or tablet. Islamic Tasbeeh Counter is freely available on the Google Play Store :