Do you remember the old time when you use your pencil to draw an color coloring books ? It was always a good moment that you use to learn coloring an different shapes. Problem was always the same : when image was colored and filled, fun was ended !

Smartphones has many purposes and among these, you can use to learn to your kids and let them have fun again and again. What better a coloring book for kids directly on your Android smartphone or tablet ?

With this, you could offer much more images to your kids and let them have fun. When an image is filled, you can restart and refill again the image if your kid want. You can export the image to keep your kid’s creation on your computer or send to you family to let them enjoy his work !

Coloring for Kids is the application that offer all of these features to your kids. Application is freely available on Google Play Store : .

coloring for kids icon


Coloring for Kids has more than 100 models to color like in coloring books and will offer you a lot of fun hours to share with your kis. Pick color from palette of with palette, fill the areas and color your model then share with your friends.




Filled model can be shared thanks to social network to your friends and contacts.



Like you see, you can draw and write on your creations. Or you can simply fill with colors of your choice.




A Gallery is available to see the best creations of others users : . Don’t hesitate to publish your creation with publish feature available in Coloring For Kids :




A Google Plus community has been also created to help you to share your creations with other users of Coloring For Kids across the World and eventually to request features to the developer. Community is available here : .

To conclude, don’t hesitate to try Coloring For Kids freely available on Google Play Store for Android smartphones and tablets : A lot of hours of fun to share with your kids guaranted !