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Learn to draw an Analog Clock on Android with the Canvas 2D API

To learn to use the Canvas 2D API, a good exercise is to draw an Analog Clock on Android. In this tutorial, you are going to discover how to create this kind of Clock and you will see some basics like creating a custom view and draw on a Canvas. Note that you can enjoy this tutorial in video on…
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Let your Kids have fun with Coloring Book For Kids

Do you remember the old time when you use your pencil to draw an color coloring books ? It was always a good moment that you use to learn coloring an different shapes. Problem was always the same : when image was colored and filled, fun was ended ! Smartphones has many purposes and among these, you can use to…
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Learn how to make a Swing painting and drawing application

In this video tutorial, you're going to learn how to create a Swing painting and drawing application. Main goal is to learn how to draw in 2D in Java Swing component. Tutorial has a Youtube live coding video and also some explanations here with source code. Don't hesitate to give me your feedbacks and comments.   Video is here :…
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