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What phones to expect for the MWC 2017 ?

After long weeks of waiting, the time has come for all mobile fans. The Mobile World Congress 2017 will start this week-end in Barcelona. It is the 30th edition of this congress. Even if Samsung won’t unveil its much-awaited Galaxy S8 during this Mobile World Congress edition, there are more exciting devices which will be

Best of MWC 2016 : find the top 10 announcements !

Year after year, Mobile World Congress is become the World biggest conference to unveil new smartphones, tablets and other connected accessories. It’s the place to be for all OEMs. This year was a good year with new flagships unveiled by Samsung and LG that exceed by far their 2015 predecessors. Besides these two top flagships,

Samsung Galaxy S7 versus LG G5 : let’s compare 2016 flagships !

After long weeks of waiting, the most waited 2016 Android flagships have been unveiled over the weekend at MWC 2016. Both are plenty of awesome technologies all around and bring some notable difference with 2015 leading smartphones. Samsung has chosen to fix some issues on its Galaxy S6 bringing refinements to a proven design with

LG G5 versus LG G4 versus LG G3 : quick specifications comparison

Yesterday, LG announced its new flagship : the G5. An awesome smartphone with aluminium body, dual rear cameras and a lot of modular attachments : the Friends as named by LG. Now, it’s time to compare specifications of the new LG flagship with its predecessors from 2015 and 2014 : the LG G4 and LG

LG impresses at MWC 2016 with its LG G5

First to showcase its new flagship at MWC 2016, LG has impressed with its LG G5. Some hours before Samsung showcases its new Galaxy S7, LG has offered a smartphone that is a radical reinvention of the flagship Android smartphone. LG G5 is a metal smartphone with a removable battery offering an innovative modular design.