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Discover Top 7 free tools for Muslims on Android

The most important month of the year has just started today for all Muslims in the World with the beginning of the Ramadan 2017. With the technology and smartphones in particular, Muslims can now have a lot of tools in their hands to live their religion in a better way. In the following of this

Implement Audio Streaming in Android Applications

Streaming an audio media consists to receive constantly data from a remote source and to deliver the audio data received to the end-user. Nowadays, everyone uses streaming platforms daily. For example, YouTube is a streaming video platform. In this tutorial, you are going to discover how to implement audio streaming in an Android Application. Note

Google Play Store has now 2 million Apps available !

According a study from Sensor Tower, Google Play Store has now more than 2 million Apps and Games available ! The graphic below show the incredible evolution of that number since December 2009 until February 2016 passing from 16,000 apps to 2 million now. Data show also an evolution for the distribution of free and

Discover Best Apps and Games from Android in 2014

Like previous years, 2014 has been a great year for Android and its ecosystem. Market share has grown to reach new record, Smartphones’ sales have continued to increase, Apps and Games available on Google Play Store have also increased. Developers are always more to wish a big success. Now, 2014 is almost ended, so let’s