Your device is slower day after day ? Your Applications are slowing ? Best solution is to boost your device by freeing your RAM and cleaning cache of your device. RAM Booster & Cache Cleaner offers you all that power with a single touch. Application is freely available for smartphones and tablets on Google Play Store :
RAM Booster & Cache Cleaner offers you following features :
  • Free RAM Memory
  • Boost your OS Performances
  • Check your Available Memory (External Memory and Internal Memory)
  • List tasks and processes in progress
  • Clean tasks and processes unused
You can enjoy RAM Booster & Cache Cleaner in action on Youtube :

Like you can see, Application is powerful and is one of the best solution to speed up your Android device. Now, you can see some screenshots :
Don’t hesitate to give it a try and speed up your device. If you have ideas to improve or feedbacks, send an email to the developer :