Prototype GUI is always an important part of an Android project. It lets to have a better idea about rendering of an application. Among available tools, Pencil is a great solution. Pencil is an open source prototyping GUI solution based on XUL Runner and so multiplatform !

Source code can be found on Github here :

At this stage, you must download a release of Pencil here :

Then, you must install the release you got.

By default, Pencil contains some stencils and other collections to prototype GUI for mobile apps. Android and iOS are supported for mobile part but for Android, view offered covers only Android 4.x . With new Android Lollipop appeared in 2014, Material Design is now the new way to create UI on Android. So, Pencil was a little bit outdated on this point of view.

Fortunately, a Github user has created stencils and views to support Android Lollipop prototyping on Pencil ! Collection of stencils for Android 5 are available here : .

With these stencils, it’s easy to add a new collection of stencils in Pencil by going in Tools > Install new collection menu entry.

Then, you will have all you need to create screen wireframes for Android Lollipop :



A demo video is also available to guide you during the entire process : installation then prototype you first screen for Android Lollipop with Pencil.