For users familiar with Unix and Linux systems, the word fortune has a very special meaning. Indeed, Fortune is a small, simple command line program displaying a random message from a database of quotes. Intended mainly for computer scientists, these quotes correspond mostly to jokes about computer science and programming. Nevertheless, there are also quotes from science fiction such as Star Trek or Doctor Who for example.

Over time, some have shifted from Unix and Linux systems to Windows-based computers, but remain nostalgic for the fortune program jokes that came to give them a few minutes of relaxation during their intensive coding days. In order to fill this gap, the Unix Fortune app for Android has been released and is available for free on the Google Play Store :

Unix Fortune lets you enjoy and re-discover classic quotes from the Unix Fortune program. Unix Fortune offers access to all fortune quotes either randomly or by categories by selecting a specific category such as art, ascii-art, computers, education, humorists, medicine, perl or work. Once entered within a category, it is possible to browse the citations one after the other or randomly.

A share feature allows you to share your favorite fortunes among friends via social networks. In addition, a Widget is also available to discover a new fortune quote every day on its home screen.

Finally, Unix Fortune offers the classic database of fortunes in English but also a French version of these fortunes for the followers of the language of Molière. Do not hesitate to give your opinion to the developer to help him improve Unix Fortune via email :