Your Android device is probably young for you. Indeed, 2 years old is very young at your eyes but in the smartphone universe, 2 years is very very long time. So, your device has surely a tendency to be slower days after days. Situation is very painful and new updates are not changing the situation for you. So, what to do ? What solutions to apply on your Android device to speed up it ? Here, we’re going to present you 6 tips that can improve your Android device :


  1. Free up some space by deleting and disabling unnecessary apps. Remove apps that you don’t use and disable those that are blocked in your OEM Rom.
  2. Limit number of Widgets. They are very practical but all those widgets you have running on your home screen take up resources. So, keep just the needed Widgets.
  3. Clear the cache data of your Android device. To achieve that you can go on Settings and then make the work for each app one after the other. Or, may be you can download a cache cleaning application on the Google Play Store.
  4. Disable animations and extras. It depends on the launcher you use but you can have a lot of unnecessary animations and extras that slow down your Android device. Disable it !
  5. Clean your device storage. If you Android device has a SD or MicroSD slot, buy a memory card and clean your device storage. Other solution is to put your photos, for example, in the cloud with Google Photos.
  6. Avoid having too many apps launched and closing them to free up RAM.
  7. Say goodbye to Live Wallpaper that can consume a lot of CPU and slow down performances of your Android device. There are really cool but unnecessary if your device is slow.
  8. Keep your Android device up to date and let’s hope that your OEM push quickly new updates that very often optimize the performance of the Android OS.
  9. Restart your device at least once a day like a computer.
  10. Your device is always very slow after these 9 tips ? Perform a factory data reset and restart from the beginning !
  11. No changes ? Last solutions for you : rooting your Android device and take the complete control or may be, change your device for a younger one ?

Don’t hesitate to share your own tips to speed up Android devices. For example, go into the developer options can also be a good solution to fine tune performances of your device.