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The Ultimate Guide to Java 9

After some months of delays, Java 9 is coming ! Java 9 is attended for general availability On March 23, 2017. In that article, you’re going to discover the major new features expected in Java 9. Don’t hesitate to leave me some comments if I forgot some important things. Main Features Java Platform Module System

Jury rules in Google’s favor over Oracle : Android makes “fair use” of Java APIs

At the end of a two-week trial, a federal jury concluded that Android, the Google’s Mobile Operating System, makes “fair use” of Java APIs. Android doesn’t infringe Oracle-owned copyrights. Indeed, the Google’s re-implementation of 37 Java APIs is protected by “fair use” doctrine. After three days of deliberations, the jury unanimously answered “yes” in Google’s

Discover Top 5 new features expected in Java 9

Java 8 has been released in 2014 and can be considered as a major version for Java Platform with introduction of Lambdas and Streams for example. But, one essential feature was missing ! Modular system, aka Jigsaw, has been postponed to Java 9. Originally planned for 2016, Java 9 has been reported to March 2017.

Google is thinking to add Swift support on Android ? Don’t forget Kotlin !

Since Swift has been open sourced, it has received a lot of interests from individual developers or giant brands like Google, Facebook or Uber. Now, some sources reported that Google is considering making Swift a « first class » language for Android. Currently, Google’s Android operating system supports Java as its « first class » language but because of

Oracle claims $9.3 billion damages from Google for use of Java API in Android

Latest twist in the Oracle / Google battle around Android, Oracle now claims $9.3 billion damages from Google for use of Java API in Android. Oracle sued Google six years ago, claiming that Google needs a license to use Java API in Android that is become the market-leading mobile OS. Crucial question is to know