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Discover Top 7 free tools for Muslims on Android

The most important month of the year has just started today for all Muslims in the World with the beginning of the Ramadan 2017. With the technology and smartphones in particular, Muslims can now have a lot of tools in their hands to live their religion in a better way. In the following of this

What phones to expect for the MWC 2017 ?

After long weeks of waiting, the time has come for all mobile fans. The Mobile World Congress 2017 will start this week-end in Barcelona. It is the 30th edition of this congress. Even if Samsung won’t unveil its much-awaited Galaxy S8 during this Mobile World Congress edition, there are more exciting devices which will be

Samsung has revealed the reasons the Galaxy Note 7 caught fire

During a dedicated press conference, Samsung has announced its findings in the Galaxy Note 7 investigations.The official results of the investigations show the phone’s battery was to blame. It was expected since the recalls in September and October. To find the cause of the Galaxy Note7 incidents, Samsung examined every aspect of the Galaxy Note7,

Discover the 15 Worst Android Phones of All Time

Usually, we make rankings to class the top Android phones. Indeed, there are a lot of great smartphones running on Android which are launched each year. So, it’s really easy to make a top of the best Android phones. However, amongst these phones, there are some bad surprises each year too. In the following video,

What to expect from Samsung in 2017 ?

In 2016, Samsung had well started the year with the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge devices which were big successes for the South Korean firm. However, the second part of the year was more difficult with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 gate. The recall of the Note 7 will have cost nearly $10 billion !

Discover Best Tips to save your Battery Life on Android

Battery Life stays a big problem on Android. Indeed, for most of us, it’s very rare that you stay one complete day without charging your Android device. However, there are some tips that can help you to save your Battery Life. With our tips, you could even reach one complete day without charging your device.

Learn to count like in the past with an Abacus

The Abacus is a calculating tool, also called a counting frame, that was used in Europe, China, Japan and Russia, centuries before the adoption of the written Hindu-Arabic numeral system. There are two categories of Abacuses : those in base 10 well known in Europe and Russia in which each wire has 10 beads. Each bead

The Ultimate Guide to Java 9

After some months of delays, Java 9 is coming ! Java 9 is attended for general availability On March 23, 2017. In that article, you’re going to discover the major new features expected in Java 9. Don’t hesitate to leave me some comments if I forgot some important things. Main Features Java Platform Module System

Discover the Iris Scanner of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in depth

Unveiled at the beginning of the month, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 features a new exciting feature : an Iris Scanner. This new feature is essential to help users to keep their personal data safe. The Iris Scanner completes other Samsung’s security features like the fingerprint scanner and the Knox security platform. Samsung’s fingerprint scanner has

Discover Java 9 Top 5 Features

After some delays, Java 9 should be released in March 2017 with a lot a various new features. In this article, we let you to discover the Top 5 of new features expected with Java 9. 1. Java comes modular with Jigsaw Expected since Java 7, the project Jigsaw should become a reality with Java