ADB connection via USB port is the most known method used by developers to connect to their Android devices.



However, there are some problems by connecting via USB Port :

1/ Impossible to move around with device for testing purpose

2/ It damages cable and with time, you should change the cable

3/ USB Socket of Android device can also be damaged with time


So, to fix these problems, you should think to use ADB over Wi-Fi. To achieve that, follow these easy steps and learn how to use ADB over Wi-Fi to work with your Android device :

1/ Connect Android device with USB cable to computer

2/ Check ADB is running in USB mode by entering following command line in a terminal :

adb usb

This is going to restart in USB mode and connect to device over USB.

3/ List devices to identify those you want to connect via Wi-Fi :

adb devices

4/ Change ADB mode from USB to tcpip using following command

adb tcpip 5555


This is going to restart in TCP mode with port : 5555

5/ Now, ADB is running over TCP/IP mode. You must find your Android device IP. Go to Settings > About > Status > IP Address. Note the IP Address.

6/ Use the following command line to connect ADB with IP Address :

adb connect #.#.#.#

Result on the terminal should be :

connected to #.#.#.#:5555

7/ Now, ADB is working over Wi-Fi. You can safely remove USB cable from the Android device connected.

8/ To confirm ADB connection over Wi-Fi is working and your device is still connected. You can use this command line :

adb devices

Result should be :

#.#.#.#:5555 device

You can now enjoy ADB over Wi-Fi. Easy and quickly steps.

Note that to go back to USB mode you must enter following command line when you will want :

adb usb