You probably have heard about iPhone jailbreak. To be simple, Rooting is jailbreaking for Android devices. It lets users to dive deeper into phone’s sub-system and gain greater control by avoiding security barriers.

Rooting an Android device is not as hard as you may think and you can find a lot of tutorials on Internet to achieve that. Keep in your mind that rooting an Android device breaks your warranty and it prevents your from making future claims. You become also responsible to update your system by downloading and installing critical system updates or new versions.

So, think about it before to root your device.

Root or not to Root, that is the question !

If you hesitate to root your device, the following lists gives you’re the top 7 reasons to root your Android and take entire control.

1/ Upgrade your phone when you want

New versions of Android are usually launched by Google as an exclusive on a new device. A month or so after, Google releases the new OS code into the open letting manufacturers and carriers ship update to their devices by updating their softwares.

This is the ideal world but very often, manufacturers and carriers can choose to deploy new versions only on their flagships letting you with old Android versions. It can take many months or you can never have update on your device.

By rooting your Android device, you become master of your system and be responsible to update system when you want. An “old” device with more than 2 years can still have new Android versions for example.

2/ Increase battery life of your device

Battery life of devices is one of the biggest problems for users. Use your smartphone during more than 24 hours without recharging it is almost impossible today. By rooting your device, you can remove pre-installed crapware and bloatware and take entire controls. Now, you could choose which features and apps must be enabled and so save increase your battery life.

Use an Android device during more than 24 hours without recharging it become a reality !

3/ Remove pre-installed crapware and bloatware

One important problem with Android devices is pre-installed crapware and bloatware added by manufacturers and carriers. Impossible to remove if your device is not rooted.

By taking ultimate control, you can choose to remove them if you want and free up space. It lets you also to increase your battery life.

4/ Performances beyond all limits

A lot of apps are already available to free up your RAM or speed up your device. However, with classic methods, it’s impossible to overcome limitations imposed by the hardware itself. You can only work within predefined limits.

By gaining root permissions, you can modify the actual speed of the CPU via overclocking for example and get performances beyond all limits. To achieve that, it is necessary to flash a custom kernel that is the link between your hardware and your software. Operation is simple with apps like Kernel Manager.

5/ Total phone backup and recovery

Android’s devices have the ability to make backup of application or data via settings menu or dedicated tools like Samsung Kies for example. However, backups made without root permissions are limited.

For example, you can’t automate a regular backup of your entire system from your device to your desktop. With a rooted device, you can easily automate this process thanks to app Titanium Backup.

6/ Enjoy Custom ROMs

With plain control on your device, you can now go deeper than high customization of your smartphone. You can use custom ROMs like CyanogenMod for example. It can give you better performance and fluidity. This is often the main reason why Android’s users decide to get root permissions.

There are a lot of Android Custom ROMs but most populars are :

* CyanogenMod –
* Paranoid Android –
* AOKP –
* PAC-man –
* Liquid Smooth –

7/ A whole new World of apps is up to you !

Last point is also important. In addition of Custom ROMs, you could also enjoy a whole new World of apps using new possibilities that a rooted device can offer to users. These apps will let you for example to remove pre-installed crapwares, control firewalls, manage system and even enable a lot of new features.