Do you remember Tetris the famous game of your childhood ? I’m sure that you have played during long hours to Tetris. Today, you are going to rediscover the joys of this classical game on your Android smartphones and tablets.

Tetris Falling Blocks is an addictive puzzle game in which you must combine blocks to make complete lines to gain the maximum of points. Falling Blocks lets you to preview the next piece to plan how to combine your blocks. Each time you make a line, you gain points and you can reach the next level.

You can discover it in action on the SSaurel’s Channel :

To move or adjust the blocks on the screen, you need to touch the screen. One touch on the screen lets you to adjust a block and one moving touch lets you to move a block. Furthermore, a long touch lets you to accelerate the fall of the current falling block.

The goal of Falling Blocks is to clear a maximum number of lines to gain more points. How to clear a line ? You have to manipulate the blocks in order to fill completely a row horizontally.

Falling Blocks offers you also two modes : the classic mode and the challenge mode. You can also consult your best scores in each of these modes. Finally, you can configure the Falling Blocks game to enable or disable audio and music during the game. These sounds offer you an immersive game experience with Falling Blocks.

You can try Tetris Falling Blocks right now by downloading it on the Google Play Store :

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