For each developer, monetize an application is the big question that should be prepared during conception of an application. Indeed, it’s the best moment to take decision about business model for an application.

Several models are possible :

  • Paid model. Users pay one time for your application and after that it’s over. No more revenue.
  • Subscription model. Users pay each month, for example, a little bit to access content of your application. It needs to create an application with updatable content. Revenues come month after month.
  • In-App Products model. Your application lets you to offer products to buy to users. These integrated products can be lives on games or specific objects. It’s a very good way to get more revenues when you arrive to create addiction to your users.
  • Free model with Ads. Your app is free and to pay your work you choose to display Ads to users. Ads can be banner or interstitial for example.

Naturally, these models can be mixed to maximize your revenues. Just, it’s obvious that free model with Ads is incompatible with Paid model :).

Actually, one of the best way to monetize an application is to choose Free model with Ads and add In-App products in your application. This is named Freemium model.

Now, you’re aware about the different models to monetize your Android application. So, how to choose easily ? To help you, I create the following decision diagram. Follow the guide :





You could also enjoy the video format of that article :


Don’t hesitate to give me your feedbacks about how you monetize your Android application.