IoT (Internet of Things) will be the next big thing after the smartphones’ revolution. All the actors of mobile ecosystem know that and prepare the future by making alliances or creating their own IoT development platform.

In that frame, Samsung has launched its own answer named ARTIK. ARTIK is an IoT development platform already production-ready that aims to be dominant from 2020 to beyond !

ARTIK packs the future of IoT into a small and powerful frame. It provies a tiered architecture optimized for performance, power consumption, memory utilization and footprint. The platform is already production-ready and puts power in the hands of developers to create wearable tech, smart devices and hubs faster by reducing the time to market.

Samsung offers 3 ARTIK modules with small footprint and providing the perfect balance between performance, battery life and small form factor. These modules are named ARTIK 1, ARTIK 5 and ARTIK 10 :









These IoT modules have the following key differentiations :

  • Amongst best in class security
  • Module Family
  • Local Intelligence
  • Production Ready

Field of applications are very large :

  • Low / Mid / High-End IoT Hub
  • Home IP Camera (720p – 1080p)
  • Portable IP Camera (720p)
  • Low / Mid / High-End Wearable Devices
  • Battery Powered IoT End Nodes
  • Lighting : Industrial and Commercial

Samsung has made a dedicated website for the platform and Developer Kits are already available. So, to discover the future with IoT, don’t waist your time and go on .