Make Android applications is fun. It’s even very fun. Make some money with your Android applications is far better. To monetize your Android creations, a lot of possibilities are available to developers. Among all the advertising platforms existing, some are better than other.

In this article, I list for you 5 best app advertising networks to monetize Android applications :

  1. AdMob

Google is, by far, the leading advertising company on web sites. Obviously, they are present on applications with AdMob. SDK provided by AdMob team is very simple and powerful. It helps developers to maximize their app advertising and monetization.

Main advantage is the possibility to associate AdMob deeply with Google Analytics to better understand your users behaviour and optimize your monetization.

It supports Banner, Smart Banner, Interstitial, Search and Table.

Android and iOS are the mobile OS targeted in priority. Windows Phone 8 is supported but there is no support for Windows Phone 8.1 in the start of 2015.

  1. Chartboost

Chartboost is very often a choice made by game app developers for its dedication to serve gaming ads with integration and built-in analytics. Ads shown are primarily about cross promotion and the downloading of new gaming apps. SDK is very simple with only 5 lines of code to integrate.

It supports only Interstitial.

Platforms targeted are iOS and Android.

  1. Revmob

Revmob is solution working for mobiles application but also for mobile websites. It provides high eCPM and help developers to increase profits. Documentation is great with a lot of examples.

It supports Banner, HD Banner, Video, Rich Media, Pop-up, links and Interstitial Ads.

Platforms are targeted are very large from Android to iOS passing by WP 8.1 and Unity.

  1. Millennial Media

Millenial Media is also a solution available to developers but with lower eCPM that others. Interface to see your application statistics is not very fast. SDK is good.

It supports also Banner, Interstitial, Interactive Video and Rich Media.

Platforms targeted are iOS, Android, WP7 and BlackBerry.

  1. Flurry

Last in this list, Flurry can also be used. Specialist to analyze apps, Flurry can make its science to service of app developers to maximize monetization via ads. Now, it’s part of Yahoo. So, you must see the evolution of the service.

It supports Interstitial, Video and Takeover.

Platforms targeted are iOS and Android.

Extra tip

As an extra tip, a great solution is to use Ad Mediation to maximize your revenues from apps. To achieve that, AdMob is the perfect solution with its SDK. You can also choose to use mediation base on eCPM value. Great solution to try.