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Create a Splash Screen on Android : the Right Way !

At a certain moment in the past, Google advised against using a Splash Screen on Android Applications. It was useless. Then, when they have published the Material Design Specifications, some of us have seen that the Splash Screen was now a pattern known as Launch Screen. Ideal to display your brand logo during cold start

Learn to handle Multi-Touch Gestures on Android

In standard, the Android View class support touch events. It lets you to make applications that react to touch events in your activities. Even better, Android supports multi-touch in standard via the Android View class. To be more concrete, a multi-touch gesture is when a user touches the screen with multiple fingers at the same

How to record your screen on Android ?

Android 4.4 KitKat has introduced the possibility to record the screen of your device but not programmatically. The ability to record the screen of your device comes with an external tool added in ADB (Android Debug Bridge). The ADB is a tool used by developers along with the Android SDK to communictate with a device

How to implement a Splash Screen in Android ?

Implementing a splash screen in Android is a redundant question among beginners. With that tutorial, we’re going to see that it’s very easy to implement a splash screen with just some lines of code. Before to continue, it’s important to understand that splash screen is not a recommended design pattern in Android. However, you can