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Guide of classical gestures made on smartphone and tablets

With smartphone and tablets, users interact with applications with gestures. There are a lot of different kinds of gestures and each has a well defined name. In 2010, Luke Wroblewski has made a great work to classify all of these gestures in his “Touch Gesture Reference Guide” article that can be found here :

Learn to make faces recognition programmatically in Android

For Android applications that offer to users possibilities to manage photos or images, it can be very useful to add a faces recognition feature. To achieve that, you have basically two options : first is to find a faces detection algorithm and to implement it. It can be a very good exercise but when you

Q3 2014 Smartphones sales : Samsung and Nokia continue to fall, Huawei and Xiaomi continue to grow !

Gartner has just revealed Smartphones sales for Third Quarter of 2014. Globally, sales of Smartphones in Emerging Markets exhibited highest growth ever, while Western Europe continued to decline. Besides, Samsung lost market share while top three Chines manufacturers combined smartphone market share grew by 4 percentage points ! 1. Worldwide Smartphone sales to End Users