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Install Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge skins in your Android Emulator

When you develop Android applications, using the Android Emulator to check the behaviour of your application on different kind of devices and configurations is an essential thing. With the tools offered by Google in the Android SDK, you can create virtual devices and define a lot specific parameters to emulate different configurations. For example, you

Use Visual Studio Emulator for Android with your Android Studio IDE

At the end of 2014 year, Microsoft has announced a fast and free Hyper-V compatible Android emulator usable to make Android developments in Visual Studio IDE. However, Android Studio and still Eclipse ADT are the primary options used by developers to make Android applications. Since Visual Studio Emulator for Android is very appreciated by developers

Tips and Tricks to master Android Emulator with keyboard shortcuts inside

Use the Android Emulator lets developers to test their apps on different devices configurations. Functionalities are large but it’s well known : without mastering, powerful is nothing ! In this article, we’re going to see tips and tricks to master Android Emulator. A table with keyboard shortcuts will be also provided to make your life

Install Samsung Galaxy S6 skin in your Android Emulator

When you make Android apps, you need to test your app on different devices. Buy all these devices is expensive and impossible for Indie Developers. So, best solution is to use Android Virtual Device to create virtual devices that have identical specifications to physical devices you want to test. If you use Eclipse or Android