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Recreate the Countdown Math Game on Android

The Countdown Math Game, also known as Good Count Math Game, is a game made famous in England with the TV game show Countdown which started in the sixties and then exported in a lot of countries around the World. The Countdown Math Game involves number puzzles in which you must make arithmetic operations to

Android Studio 2.0 is up : build Android apps has never been so easy

After long months of work, Google has just announced that Android Studio 2.0 comes in stable version. Like you must know, Android Studio is the official IDE recommended for Android Development by Google. It is based on IntelliJ Idea. Android Studio has several advantages like the fact it is made mainly for Android Development and

Customize your Android project structure to fit your needs

Android project structure is usually organized with a main folder containing a java folder and a res folder. The java folder contains all the Java classes file of your project. The res folder contains all resources of your Android project. So, it can make a lot of files with drawables, layouts, values, etc … When

Boost your productivity on Android Studio with Live Templates

As an Android developer, you are used to write very often same kind of code on your project. Here, we don’t talk of the creation of reusable code to avoid rewrite same code between several projects. Here, we talk about simple lines of code that are written all the time. Let’s take a well known

First steps with Android Studio IDE

Like you must know, Google officially announced the first release of Android Studio recently. So, Android Studio is the official Android Studio IDE ! Time is come to migrate from Eclipse with ADT (Android Development Tools) to Android Studio IDE. 1. Installation Go on the following URL :  and start to download the Android Studio