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What phones to expect for the MWC 2017 ?

After long weeks of waiting, the time has come for all mobile fans. The Mobile World Congress 2017 will start this week-end in Barcelona. It is the 30th edition of this congress. Even if Samsung won't unveil its much-awaited Galaxy S8 during this Mobile World Congress edition, there are more exciting devices which will be announced by the other manufacturers.…
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Remove your boilerplate code in Android with Butter Knife

Creating applications in Android can sometimes be a very repetitive task. As a developer, you have to deal with redundant codes to find Views, to use View Holder pattern for your lists, to install your event listeners, … Write this kind of boilerplate code is bad for your productivity. A great solution would be to find a way to remove…
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6 Best Tools every Android developers must know

Develop an Android application is like a war. You must make battles after battles. Best way to win a battle ? Have good weapons with you ! For a developer, a good weapon is a tool that makes his life easier and increase his productivity. Thanks to large Android’s community, there are a lot of tools dedicated to developers. The…
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