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Discover Top 7 free tools for Muslims on Android

The most important month of the year has just started today for all Muslims in the World with the beginning of the Ramadan 2017. With the technology and smartphones in particular, Muslims can now have a lot of tools in their hands to live their religion in a better way. In the following of this

Measure the temperature around you on Android with My Thermometer

Android devices are always more powerful and help us daily to make a lot of tasks. Amongst these tasks, your Android device can help you to know temperature around you but also temperature of your device itself. Freely available on Google Play Store, My Thermometer gives users  temperature around them by using their device’s sensors.

Monitor and analyze Battery Usage Data on Android

Android SDK comes with a large number of amazing tools. However, a lot of developers don’t know some of these. Thus, who knows that Android SDK offers a tool to monitor and analyze battery usage data ? This great tool is low level and can be called from an adb shell command. The dumpsys batterystats

ADB Survival Guide for Android

Android Debug Brigde (ADB) is a command line tool, coming with Android SDK provided by Google, that lets developers to communicate with an emulator or a connected Android device directly from the command line. To find adb tool, you must go on <android_sdk_path>/platform-tools directory on your computer. In this article, you’re going to learn the

6 Best Tools every Android developers must know

Develop an Android application is like a war. You must make battles after battles. Best way to win a battle ? Have good weapons with you ! For a developer, a good weapon is a tool that makes his life easier and increase his productivity. Thanks to large Android’s community, there are a lot of