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How to send an Email in Android ?

Last week, I shown you how to send an Email in Android thanks to JavaMail API by using GMail SMTP. This week, you’re going to learn how to send an Email in Android by using Intent and so applications installed on the Android OS. Code snippet is very simple compared to solution using JavaMail API

How to send an email with JavaMail API in Android ?

As an Android developer, you’re used to send email thanks to Android standard API provided in standard SDK. To achieve that, you use Intent.ACTION_SEND and call startActivity method to delegate to OS the sending email process. Perhaps, you would like to manage the entire process in your application when you send an email in Android.

How to send and receive a SMS in Android ?

With all the features supported by smartphones, sometimes we forget the presence of the word phone in smartphone. Thus, it could be important sometimes to use SMS feature of Android devices. Android SDK provides a very good support for SMS and globally for telephony. In that tutorial, you will learn to send and receive SMS