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The Ultimate Guide to Java 9

After some months of delays, Java 9 is coming ! Java 9 is attended for general availability On March 23, 2017. In that article, you’re going to discover the major new features expected in Java 9. Don’t hesitate to leave me some comments if I forgot some important things. Main Features Java Platform Module System

Learn to create a Snake game in Java 2D

Snake is a classic video game in which a player controls a Snake that must eat apples and avoid walls. Each time, you eat an apple, the Snake grows. The Snake’s goal is to eat the maximum of apples. It’s a game of kind infinite. Snake is also an ideal game to create when you want

Discover Java 9 Top 5 Features

After some delays, Java 9 should be released in March 2017 with a lot a various new features. In this article, we let you to discover the Top 5 of new features expected with Java 9. 1. Java comes modular with Jigsaw Expected since Java 7, the project Jigsaw should become a reality with Java

Create your first JavaFX 8 Application with Eclipse

Directly integrated in the JDK of Java 8, JavaFX is the new recommended way to create and deliver desktop applications and rich internet applications (RIA) in Java. JavaFX must replace Swing as the standard GUI library for Java SE. However, both technologies will continue to be integrated in the JDK. You can have a preview

Calculate shortest paths in Java by implementing Dijkstra’s Algorithm

Conceived by Edsger W. Dijsktra in 1956 and published three years later, Dijkstra’s algorithm is a one of the most known algorithms for finding the shortest paths between nodes in a graph. This algorithm is applied in a lot of domains. For example, once you have represented road networks in a graph, it becomes easy

Learn to make a MVC application with Swing and Java 8

The Model-View-Controller is a well known software architectural pattern ideal to implement user interfaces on computers by dividing an application intro three interconnected parts. Main goal of Model-View-Controller, also known as MVC, is to separate internal representations of an application from the ways information are presented to the user. Initially, MVC was designed for desktop

Implement the Adapter Design Pattern in Java

In software engineering, a design pattern is a general reusable solution to a commonly occurring problem with a given context in software design. In that new serie of articles, you’re going to discover how to implement some of the most known design patterns in Java. To start the serie, you’re going to study the Adapter

Parse and write JSON data in Java with Gson

Nowadays, JSON is the most widespread format to exchange data on the Web. REST Web Services use it. JSON is lighter than XML and lets to save bandwith when you consume this services. In Java, there is a great library named Gson that makes developers’ life easier. Created by Google, Gson is open source and

Use your Java classes in the browser with JavaPoly.js

Java has always been usable in the browser since its creation. However, the browser needed the specific Java plugin to execute Java applications that was packaged inside applets. Then, a more flexible solution was created with Java Web Start but finally, it was always based on the applet technology. With the end announced of plugins

Discover Top 5 new features expected in Java 9

Java 8 has been released in 2014 and can be considered as a major version for Java Platform with introduction of Lambdas and Streams for example. But, one essential feature was missing ! Modular system, aka Jigsaw, has been postponed to Java 9. Originally planned for 2016, Java 9 has been reported to March 2017.