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Learn to create a Luminosity Detector Application on Android

Android devices have a lot of devices to play with. In this tutorial, we are going to play with the ambient luminosity sensor to create a Luminosity Detector Application for Android devices. You can enjoy this tutorial in video on YouTube : To start, we are going to create an ultra simple User Interface for our

Measure the temperature around you on Android with My Thermometer

Android devices are always more powerful and help us daily to make a lot of tasks. Amongst these tasks, your Android device can help you to know temperature around you but also temperature of your device itself. Freely available on Google Play Store, My Thermometer gives users  temperature around them by using their device’s sensors.

Learn to create a Magnetometer Metal Detector on Android

Manufacturers continuously add more features and sensors to smartphones. Thus, your smartphone has now a magnetic field sensor which can help you to use your smartphone as a Magnetometer Metal Detector. For example, we have published an application of this kind on the Google Play Store : . Magnetometer Metal Detector lets you to measure magnetic

List all sensors available on an Android device

Android devices have a lot of sensors inside. Android SDK put on the hands of developers all the necessary APIs to take advantages of them and offer to their users applications that use them. In this tutorial, you’re going to learn how to list all the sensors available on an Android device. In a future