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Learn to create a Luminosity Detector Application on Android

Android devices have a lot of devices to play with. In this tutorial, we are going to play with the ambient luminosity sensor to create a Luminosity Detector Application for Android devices. You can enjoy this tutorial in video on YouTube : To start, we are going to create an ultra simple User Interface for our

Learn to create a Proximity Detector App on Android

Android devices have a lot of different sensors. Amongst them, most of them have a proximity detector sensor. It detects when your hand is close of the device. In this tutorial, you are going to create a Proximity Detector Application for Android by using the proximity detector sensor. Note that this tutorial is also available

Learn to create a Magnetometer Metal Detector on Android

Manufacturers continuously add more features and sensors to smartphones. Thus, your smartphone has now a magnetic field sensor which can help you to use your smartphone as a Magnetometer Metal Detector. For example, we have published an application of this kind on the Google Play Store : . Magnetometer Metal Detector lets you to measure magnetic

Implement a Gesture Detector in Android

In modern applications, manage users’ gestures is an essential feature. It brings a better interactivity between your application and users. Implement a Gesture Detector to create a view flipper in Android is very simple and we’re going to make it quickly. Follow the guide. Android SDK provides a GestureDetector class available in package android.view.GestureDetector .