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Implement Audio Streaming in Android Applications

Streaming an audio media consists to receive constantly data from a remote source and to deliver the audio data received to the end-user. Nowadays, everyone uses streaming platforms daily. For example, YouTube is a streaming video platform. In this tutorial, you are going to discover how to implement audio streaming in an Android Application. Note

Learn to consume a REST Web Service and parse JSON result in Android

In mobiles applications, very often you should get data from a Web Service to update content displayed to users. For example, you can imagine a weather application that needs to request weather data from a remote server. Content getted can be under different formats but JSON format is one of the most used format with

How to use Asynchronous Tasks in Android ?

In Android like in others platforms, it can be useful to use asynchronous tasks to process long operations like download a file or consume a web service. In Java, you know that the entry point is the Thread class. Android using a part of Java API, you can also use Thread class but it’s to