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Make the most of your Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge’s USB Connector

When you will open the box of your new Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, you will find several accessories. Amongst these accessories, Samsung has now added a new On-The-Go Adapter. This item is more than a typical USB Connector. It offers you a lot of new possibilities : 1. Fast Battery Boost The On-The-Go

Speed up your Android device by freeing your RAM and cleaning your cache

Your device is slower day after day ? Your Applications are slowing ? Best solution is to boost your device by freeing your RAM and cleaning cache of your device. RAM Booster & Cache Cleaner offers you all that power with a single touch. Application is freely available for smartphones and tablets on Google Play

Customize your Android project structure to fit your needs

Android project structure is usually organized with a main folder containing a java folder and a res folder. The java folder contains all the Java classes file of your project. The res folder contains all resources of your Android project. So, it can make a lot of files with drawables, layouts, values, etc … When

Discover 11 tips to boost your Android device

Your Android device is probably young for you. Indeed, 2 years old is very young at your eyes but in the smartphone universe, 2 years is very very long time. So, your device has surely a tendency to be slower days after days. Situation is very painful and new updates are not changing the situation

6 tips for developers to save battery usage in Android applications

Smartphones and tablets become more powerful each year but unfortunately, batteries don’t evolve at the same speed. Save battery usage in an Android application is essential for your users. Here, we offer to developers 6 tips to save battery usage when they make Android applications : Avoid using wake locks if your application really doesn’t need

Tips and Tricks to master Android Emulator with keyboard shortcuts inside

Use the Android Emulator lets developers to test their apps on different devices configurations. Functionalities are large but it’s well known : without mastering, powerful is nothing ! In this article, we’re going to see tips and tricks to master Android Emulator. A table with keyboard shortcuts will be also provided to make your life