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Parse and write JSON data in Java with Gson

Nowadays, JSON is the most widespread format to exchange data on the Web. REST Web Services use it. JSON is lighter than XML and lets to save bandwith when you consume this services. In Java, there is a great library named Gson that makes developers’ life easier. Created by Google, Gson is open source and

Discover OkHttp, a powerful HTTP & HTTP/2 client for Android applications

Created by Square, OkHttp is an open source project designed to be an efficient HTTP and HTTP/2 client. It lets you to make fast requests and save bandwith. It offers some great features out of the box like to share a socket for all HTTP/2 requests to the same host, a connection pooling mechanism when

Leave your old Toasts and adopt the Snackbars on Android

Introduced with Android Lollipop, Material Design defines a complete visual language to interact with users in your applications. Amongst the best practices recommended by Google, a list of components is available. Even better, you can know when you must use these components. To display brief messages to users, you were used to create Toasts on

Enjoy the power of Universal Image Loader to load easily your images on Android

Recently, we have presented you Glide, a great library recommended by Google to load easily images on Android. It offers you some interesting features out of the box like disk and memory caching for example. Today, we’re going to present you a direct concurrent of Glide : Universal Image Loader. Universal Image Loader has been

Load your images with Glide, the Image Loader Library for Android, recommended by Google

During your Android developments, it’s almost sure you have already loaded images from the Web for your application. To achieve that, you can use the classic HttpUrlConnection based stack. This solution is functional but you will need some efforts to make fast calls and add some caching features. Better solution is probably to use an

Learn to generate PDF documents for your Android Application

Generate a PDF document is a well mastered task by Java developers on desktop application or on web applications. On Android applications, it’s a little bit different and only a few developers add that kind of feature in their app. However, users really enjoy having some reports for monitoring applications for example. A solution can

Remove your boilerplate code in Android with Butter Knife

Creating applications in Android can sometimes be a very repetitive task. As a developer, you have to deal with redundant codes to find Views, to use View Holder pattern for your lists, to install your event listeners, … Write this kind of boilerplate code is bad for your productivity. A great solution would be to