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Samsung has revealed the reasons the Galaxy Note 7 caught fire

During a dedicated press conference, Samsung has announced its findings in the Galaxy Note 7 investigations.The official results of the investigations show the phone’s battery was to blame. It was expected since the recalls in September and October. To find the cause of the Galaxy Note7 incidents, Samsung examined every aspect of the Galaxy Note7,

Discover Best Tips to save your Battery Life on Android

Battery Life stays a big problem on Android. Indeed, for most of us, it’s very rare that you stay one complete day without charging your Android device. However, there are some tips that can help you to save your Battery Life. With our tips, you could even reach one complete day without charging your device.

How to get Battery Information programmatically in Android ?

Android OS lets to developers to get a lot of data about features of a device. Amongst these data, it’s possible to get Battery Information for exemple. An application like CPU Hardware and System Info is able to give you following information about your Battery : Present or No Health Level Plugged Charging Status Technology

6 tips for developers to save battery usage in Android applications

Smartphones and tablets become more powerful each year but unfortunately, batteries don’t evolve at the same speed. Save battery usage in an Android application is essential for your users. Here, we offer to developers 6 tips to save battery usage when they make Android applications : Avoid using wake locks if your application really doesn’t need

Monitor and analyze Battery Usage Data on Android

Android SDK comes with a large number of amazing tools. However, a lot of developers don’t know some of these. Thus, who knows that Android SDK offers a tool to monitor and analyze battery usage data ? This great tool is low level and can be called from an adb shell command. The dumpsys batterystats